Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About Fosse Management Solutions Ltd

Registered office and trading address;

25 Holmfield Road



Tel: 07739627029


Registered in England & Wales 08867057


What information do we keep?

We may hold some personal information about you in order to carry out the services we provide.


Information sharing

We do not share information with third parties without prior agreement.

How we store your information

The information kept for you will be kept at my office or on an encrypted hard drive laptop I use for business.


Information for work matters only

Aside from the work related uses of user information, I do not sell, nor plan to sell any user information to anyone.



We will take all reasonable measures to protect and secure the information we store.


Data Breach

We take all reasonable measures to protect and secure the information you provide to me.

Should we discover a data breach we will contact the relevant people promptly. If this is an IT issue a third-party supplier will be instructed to investigate the breech and the relevant authorities advised as per the GDPR regulations.


Further information

Should you wish to access the information that you hold on you, please email and I will provide that information promptly.

Should you wish us to delete your data from our systems, please email me and we will complete your request promptly.

I welcome your comments regarding my privacy policy. If for any reason you believe that your privacy has been breached please contact me immediately by email, and I will do my best to promptly determine and correct the problem.